A Pledge To Empty

Hi,  my name is Pia. Everyone has a story and mine are in raw rough drafts; its intended to air the cuts, sting sleeping spirits from their slumber, curiously dissect and perhaps have one of those coffee in the rain conversations with a stranger.

I alliterate. I repeat. I run full speed and then volt into the air landing with lines stretched far and wide as a finale. In the night, I encircle the fire and curse in crazy babble to whip the villain’s character into shape. By sunrise, my beginnings are Friday breakfasts anticipating the reader’s hustling day. Through my lines, I attempt to depict my sequence of thoughts in massacred drafts, jagged plots that spear my reader’s mind with questionable acts and then, sew them with hopes that I made a tad bit of sense.

This is where I will write and I solemnly swear that I will write as much as I can till my typing fingers quiver after the emptying.

I will write to you and tell the greatest babbles ever told but mind you, what is written here, stays here.

This is where I write and my name is Pia.


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