Gabbing the Gift

When I hear the word “Biology” I always remember the scientific definition of Osmosis for some reason with the additional voicing of my one and only biology teacher in highschool, Ms. Letha Cheryanne (excuse the butchered spelling). Osmosis is the process by which molecules of a solvent tend to pass through a semipermeable membrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one, thus equalizing the concentrations on each side.

The trend on T.V. these days are these showdowns and competitions; a dance competition, a singing competition, a talent contest, a general knowledge quiz, racing, mastering the art of cooking, etc. We watch these contestants push themselves to their limits and give all they’ve got till it hurts. There, till it hurts.

Today, I went for mass and the priest gave an interesting sermon about dialogues and relationships. How important it is to always talk things through in a relationship. I thought about it as he gave his sermon and instead of nodding in approval, I found myself shaking my head with guilt amongst the holy church goers. Yes, dialogue is indeed an important ingredient to relationships, in fact, if love was the taste then dialogues would be the aroma that gets you hungry for more.

There’s much to talk about really, it ranges from the color of your underwear all the way to “Is your granny okay?” Conversations are great; it is one of the core foundations of all my relationships with friends, family, colleagues, etc. It is the DNA of great moments as well as the not so great. We always have this tendency to block out that part of the DNA that detects abnormality in the relationship, that alarming feeling that things aren’t going so well yet we hide it and deny its sense of mere being. We tell ourselves that we’re almost there and in a stranger’s eye, you’re so bullsh*tting! We keep it in and as days pass, we pretend and if in a reference of the elephant in the room – the elephant died of suffocation and its soul went to the Zoo.

Only when the poor elephant dies and the psycho circus characters have gone home, BAM! Alert! Alert! Alert! malfunction!

In the midst of a great dialogue comes the unwavering angst and frustration as we pull out our allocated thoughts and emotional selves on to the table. And with a sharp knife, we butcher the story back to its rawest form. Psycho babbles and serious cries on past comments have been thrown into the blender as we push ourselves to everything we’ve got to say. Here comes the awkward silence.

I wish we all lived in an osmosis kind of life where our dialogues can detect its place and time before we reach the saturation point.

POP project update: day 4 of the month, avoiding the Whipple. Tomorrow, I’ll be serious.


2 thoughts on “Gabbing the Gift

  1. Wow…it’s funny how I had forgotten Ms Letha’s name, but not her face, accent or the frigging definition of osmosis!

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