An Ode to Browning

I’m an either/or kind of person. I don’t believe in the middle, perhaps I was never comfortable at limbo. I don’t believe in Zodiac signs though I enjoy reading them, I’m a Leo. Yeah, the only characteristics of one that I vividly remember is loyalty. In High School, math, physics and chemistry was never my bestfriend but Literature made me swoon and fall on my knees. My favorite poem was How Do I Love Thee by Elizabeth Browning; call me extremist and overly exaggerated but the romantic in me crushes over this poem. Here’s an ode to Ms. Browning.

How Do I Love A Boy?

How do I love a boy? Let me forget my hands because my fingers can’t count.

I’d love a boy passed his unfashionable folded pants,

between the lyrics of his headphoned ears through his day,

and beneath his golden shattered heart.

If Hades’ chains were unleashed and Pandora were more naive,

I’d whisper to the living and the dead to bring Pangea at the front line.

I’d love the boy who knew the middle of my back,

whose words with the oceans’ depths,

and a perpetual faith because it’s all he knows.

I’d love Him more than God’s words combined,

My love for Him is conveyed in scripts and stories of the greatest Greats

and I’d love Him even when he takes off his cape before the world darkens.

I love the boy who knew the future and the past of me

as my present still lingers between the clock,

I love the boy who stirred my thundering storms to transform them into rainbows,

and I love the boy who’s heart pressed on to mine

to coax budding stories to become.

How do I love the boy? Let me forget my hands because my fingers can’t count.


6 thoughts on “An Ode to Browning

  1. Nirmala loved you and your work, and she saw tremendous potential in you. I remember her handing our papers out and just moving on to the next person with an almost expressionless face. I kinda felt the same as u did so yea you ain’t alone there… but the difference is I never really enjoyed literature much while on the other hand you’ve always had that passion for the subject and you’re brilliant and that is evidently manifested in this creation of yours =)

  2. I was simply browsing through this page, and was thinking, ‘geez, this is awfully similar to Browning’ and then I read your intro. Can’t speak for Browning, but you sure do well by Nirmala 🙂

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