White Flag

Before I usually start something, I would always go through this long process of internal filtering and emptying. I simply think its healthy to do so because as we forward to our personal journeys we carry along what we essentially meant to leave behind. The following piece is a self declaration and an expounded version of the mantra above.

In light, I carried my heavy thoughts that through time I call “burden” and as day becomes dark, I muster the courage to begin a journey that I called my own. Today, I surrender the completion of this quest that in end or beginning, I will follow through. I send all my joyous moments to swarm and befriend my fears hidden in my secret self-made cave. There they shall battle versus good and evil perhaps even make honey in the end. I surrender the mess makers as they shatter their way to make existence a paradox. I surrender those who’ve made it; the greats who ran the race and has caused my neck to hurt as I look up at them in awe that one day I’ve mastered my skill. I call all creatures alike to yank my spirit to a sudden degree that it causes me strain and will make me yell in discomfort. To those who own my heart, I surrender them as well and pray they may disappear clean off my surface. I surrender the fears that has grown in me who’ve ran away in their own reflection. I surrender doubt that lingers like a fading potion but never really gone. I surrender the babbling nerves that makes only noise and not sense. I surrender the hate that couldn’t make it and the love that kept wanting to burn; my dreams of it lighting my finish line will go in a different direction. I surrender my passion that played me wrong that in this passage, will be conditioned and exposed beyond my visions. I surrender my faith that was placed in all areas of my life, in my motion to journey onwards may they be misaligned. I surrender the runs of those who will run a course like mine that they too may all die completely the way I will. I surrender my deepest needs and desires as I sacrifice this, I may arise with something, even if a grain rather than a boulder of a chance to return to a life that can bring change. Finally, I surrender not myself but rather my spirit that it may be boiled and broken to an ungodly mess and be made again by the God who knows the plan meant for me even if I have nothing but a new road. All this I humbly surrender.

Today, I begin.

POP Project: officially closed. Books barely read but road well taken.

Project conclusion: Resigned and traces were definitely found. Read on here for those who can’t follow – https://piaspurpose.wordpress.com/2011/09/02/28/

Till the next piece, ciao!


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