We, The Kings

There we stood with valiant eyes, the world in our hands. Our walk on earth passed life through someone else’s with each step we take. This was our time.

We faced this long travel ahead – no sword, no armor. The winds urging us to be blown away, some swayed to its calling whilst most of us marched through her grasp as she died into a breeze. The sands swirled to turn us back around; our army left that villain to mud.

Boulders, one on top of the other like no man has seen rolled on us like fresh dough. We thank the hands of who has made us as we became bread, baked with sustenance. Wavering waves roared at us; oh,we roared back. We basked in its shower hoping she’ll drown us so our insides will be drenched. We wanted her to shake us, we wanted to be opened up.

We called upon all evils that wanted us. We angered them with laughter and snide, waking them from their slumber.

And there they were. Each a spawn of reluctance and spite from all past facing us with oozing stink. They’re devilish throng laughed at my army as they sharpened their knives with their tongue and blazed fire around us. Hellish sounds gurgling inside of them of all the lives they ate, all the lives that didn’t fight and all the beings that gave in.

There we stood, each a noble; men and women holding nothing but their gusto for life. We all stood in line eye to eye with the evils holding each of our fears and troubles that planned to come our way. These were the very villains that devoured the people we once knew who were part of us, they were the sounds of what we heard crying in the bellies of these vultures.

We were barenaked from any weapons, we knew the evil could break it and split our metal swords with their claws. We had no armor because no dragon skin or wizard’s cloak will be invincible enough to take these beasts that ate life.

We were all that was left. And we were left with nothing.

All aligned and ready for defeats and victories. We ran towards them with every life we had left in us, we were going to take them down with our bare hands. The hands that held a pen to write a story, the ones that held their newborns cry, the ones that held their Isolde’s and Tristan’s face in their first kiss and the hands that held together to pray for each day. We had each other and as we got burned with flaring fire from their volcanic mouths and trampled on our only limbs. We didn’t cry.

We fought back. Dodging and batting ourselves on their hard shells. Together, as one big force pierced through the very insides of these beasts that once had a heart. In darkness, we scavenged in each of them and there lies a tiny light that shined through bodies of old. With our touch, it’s as if it was in peace. Each beast’s inside shone rays that never was seen before and then died away. Complete darkness amidst us.

We won.


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