There is some rage inside me that I need to scrape out,

the kind that leaves me trembling in constant urges to yank my soul and throw it in the water –

I am in disbelief and I am in doubt.

There is some power inside me that needs to be spoken to,

the kind that can’t be convinced through a cup of coffee or a can of beer –

I am finite at this very moment.

There is some words I need to weave,

the kind that doesn’t take cultured hands to know their place or a machine to type it to be tamed –

I am wild and domestication doesn’t seem to be the answer.

There is some walks that are missed,

the kind that don’t go in circles anymore but the the ones that go on, the ones that just goes.

I need that walk, let me walk.

There is some tears I need to weep,

the kinds that don’t know why but dribble down in despair of a worldly loss,

I’d like to sit with the universe and weep tonight.

There is some reason I am,

the kind that lost its purpose and drowned its roots in the gutter,

I want to be torn in so many pieces and please do not tape me back.

Burn me till it hurts, burn me till I feel it and burn me to till my death –

end me with a prayer that can revive.

I want my smoke to fume the air and remind the living that loss does happen.

I want my remnants to be taken and be of better use than what I’ve let pass,

I want you to take me and just let me go.

Don’t leave me a flower on my bed,

Don’t apologize for what you said,

Don’t tell me I can because I won’t.

Don’t turn back because








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