This will not be the last time I am going to say this but I am going to say this now because it is what I intend to say in the first place – I do not know where I am going.

I am sure at one point, maybe we’re even in the same ball pen, you’ve felt the same way.

I am full of morning tea and optimistic verses from the internet to keep me going but trust me, the truth is, the path I take is never known.

Wedding bells and baby bumps is what my sister’s friends are up to, in a few years time it will catch to my time.

The inheritance of trends in humanity makes me grin and roll my eyes but shudder in secret because that circle is closely touching my socks whilst my toes are curled in pleading it to go away.

I played Mortal Kombat to reminisce the 90s feel; that kind of victory my siblings used to have when we beat our opponents. I sat infront of the television with the controller in my hands as I watched my player’s spine ripped and her skull split open. Is this the world telling me it’s become more ruthless?

Are we the product of a miscalculated birth? Our ancestors and the people who’ve lived on this earth may have left too many legacies leaving the planet marked of plans and promises. I sometimes think that they died saying “Here! take it! it’s yours” as they quickly closed their eyes and our baby hands hold these marks with the determination telling ourselves, we can.

People killing people to prove faiths and some sort of “justice”. Presidential elections winning our hearts and stabbing it deeply when you realize this is all very generally touching the points as they speak.

With all these political, social and religious issues spread on the table, I can hear our hearts torn as we are fragmented to our honest positions. It’s funny how these things are supposedly existing to keep us together whilst we sit in this emotional and mental dilemma and slowly finding ourselves a little chipped off.

I guess we do it in hopes – circles and circles of hopes till we find the point on the paper where it makes sense, though a bit further from what we started from but somehow makes sense to where we’re going.


4 thoughts on “Pens.

  1. A lot of great lines and thoughts here.

    “I am full of morning tea and optimism”; “The inheritance of trends”.

    The idea of our ancestors abandoning us in this world troubles me. Because that means they didn’t figure anything out, and neither will we. Do we abandon our descendants in turn? History has usually been used as a source of pride, evidence of how far we’ve come. In reality, we’re infected with same disease that killed those who came before us.

    *Don’t mind my cynicism and pessimism. I’ll be better after some morning tea and a round of Mortal Kombat.

    • The tragedy and the fault of history is to not learn from history itself – this can be turned around though. Like everything else, you don’t do it with a click of a button, it be a hella lot of buttons.

      let’s go for tea and trust me, Mortal Kombat on a stressed out day feels…awesome šŸ™‚

  2. It’s normal to wonder. It’s natural to worry. In my experience, things roll when we least expect it. Sometimes it takes risking failure, and if one fails, you get up, dust off, and try again.

    We are all different. For me, music altogether too often unlocked doors what stood in my way, and most often, those doors were in me.

    Best wishes.

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