A Letter to Letters

If I were to write again, I would like to start with “Hello”

I’d ask the words to come around me and let me shake their extensions to let them know that they’re always welcome to stay

I’ll try to be funny but honestly, I’m a natural quirk – I love alliterations and make novel references while I swoon n’ sway

I’d tell the letters that in prep. school, they were all I had – I knew “A” liked the color red because apples were Her favorite or “K” was always jumpy like kangaroos.

In elementary, I’ll admit I was frightened with words as they had to be recited – I wasn’t sure if cats really played violins and did I have to really use the “C” word?

Chocolate was always from daddy not from boys who knew nothing much
or such and such!

And then I was sixteen, I met them truly in flows and glows in majestic shows called Poetry, where letters formed words and words grew meanings

I saw them dance across my Edexcel pamphlet as they swished their swords in wars of old or stood firm against crying mobs

I saw them emulate characters with character, a woman and gentleman in their gentle ways

I saw lives crisscrossed in calamities and unities

I met themes of Honor and Justice – the big men in the crowd

The Romance always accompanied with a band to serenade

The Duality, in His dark and light shades

The Tragedy holding cups of tears

oh where did you all go?

I promised to come back and I know I took awhile – Dear letters, please know

That I am twenty three, an age when I myself don’t know. I’d expected to be someone’s queen by now or a traveler going in distant lands,

when silly phone calls or a red blinking lights on my blackberry is where my attention goes,

I’ve met a new friend called Cinema, he’s good friends with Film. They hangout with me at Music’s pub as they take turns to tell a story.

But letters dear, their company calls me to come back to you, as I too need to tell my own

So don’t worry about these little things, it isn’t anything serious. I’ll be getting back to the pen and the sweet old paper,

though I just wanted to say that I see you differently now – “A” you are All, “K” you were once a King and “C”… I can never celebrate without you, Cake.

For now, I just wanted to say “Hello”


One thought on “A Letter to Letters

  1. Twenty-three, so young. Write, write, write. And then write more. Privately, publicly, whatever works for you. Letters, notes, journals, poetry… let your heart sing.

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