Amelia’s Air

Further I swim, the dimmer My light feels on my face

Reluctance to breathe in fear that I may breathe no more

Rocks and floating gravel beyond is all I see

Whilst crashing tides,

They pierce bodies to bodies of hollow souls afloat

My mind wanders in this depth,

The pressure afraid of its own reflection

To master the art of silence in silence is an art indeed

Darkness, I proceed

My back against…nothing and

My eyes to swallowing uncertainty

Touch, no

Feel, no

Hear, no

A somber mood carried by tiny bubbles of air I let go

Rapidly feeling a loss of what I carried from the earth down here

This is not hell, I hope

Because lost is not where I am

My thoughts die out

All else need not matter as all else just follows through

A peaceful sleep was not expected

But rest, I found.


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