this image does not belong to me. It's taken from:

this image is taken from:

I keep running

as fast as I can

faster and faster

the fastest I can get

persuading myself that there’s a finish line with my name on it


lips dry.

I pace a lot

when I’m alone, it makes no sense I know

though no book or being can be so therapeutic

than stepping on thought after thought

accepting an idea


tip toes

I sing in the shower

imagining a stage

beyond the melted blue ceramic walls

strange neighbors even think its strange

in their solace space, I’m there


then bow

I am OCD

not seriously but enough

to have balls of dust to irk me

I sweep and sweep passed the curtains’ feet

no shadow can be seen


I hope

Still I sit among bare walls

breathing secretly

saying my name deeply

over and over again


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