Lost Lights



You must think I’m happy when I see your face

when your name shows up on my Caller’s ID

I’m not –

If anything, I’d like all remnants of you to be erased

even if a can of tuna had an inkling’s association to you

I want you –



You must think we’re friends,

when we like similar posts on Facebook,

that world –

was when the big bang became a trend

You must think those fleeting moments breathes tiny seconds of life in you

well I’m –



You must think I enjoy listening to your jokes

those times when you blabber on about random answers,

I didn’t ask –

you if you got a new phone or

how your day went,

because I just –



You must think I care about your jackass friend,

what’s his name?

see –

we have a dial-up connection,

where you’re trying to reach me,

all I hear is –




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