All Her Lush


“describe me in one word” she would ask in her slambook,

always seeking for attention,

clumsy with words

but if anything else,

she’s pain.

Not in annoying kind of way but she’s that vessel of

everything we don’t say aloud

sharp glass in our throats

and bleeds from the inside out

it’s in her eyes.

She wasn’t a shiny gem,

she was a diamond in the rough

no clear cuts

no obvious purpose

but valued enough for a value of another’s life

She made the Golden Gods of a room

shiver in shifty eyes

she mocks them with her crooked teeth

What do they know about her

but the fact that she was broken

So they break her even more

they ask for trouble,

she transmits deadly sighs

of begging blows

to shut up, prudes!

She says much but means more

in her silence

She wanted to dwell in eternal rays

of black and gold

to keep the happy at good pace

Bailing was no option,

her mama said so

failing was no option,

her papa said so

so she moves with tassels hanging on her limbs

She was no friend,

not a good one at least

She purposely soils her whites

to keep up the stupid fight

of reckless endeavors

She avoids the lines

because her eyes were in dark circles

She was a cold wound

the blood was left to dry

unmasked from essentials

She was distant but so close

you could hear her hellos

if you tuned the radio right

She had a melody,

nostalgic, even tragic

Send her some baloons

a box of crayons

a mixed tape

your written prayers

She was pain.


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