Better Homes

Screen shot 2013-06-26 at 11.14.49 PM

Little did we really know

when morning shines through curtain silks

and bidding trains to grinding rush

all shadows rise whilst some asleep

Some who wait for all else to go

some whose lids open since morrow’s set

and some in forever sleeping beauty’s sleep


On and on those wheels go round

barely making any sound

Sky scraping all it seems

shuffling late to Never-ending bounds

All safes locked jaw n’ knee

don’t bother understanding “perfect” grammar


Beg and bolt off to sea

protect the sacred with folded arms

sneer and spit on Madam’s tea

drink drink till all goes sour

make a roll, make a run

make it all up till its all done


Fading hues and tiresome dues

beg its way back down

all it gets is some quiet sighs

forget the moon too, needs it shine

tonight there will be no amends

as little did they really know,

as little did they really know.



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