Ground Zero



What do we have here?

An abandoned bitch with no chain or kennel to tame its search for nothing

people watch her walk the streets; riders leaning on bricked walls

blowing smokes to make things clear;

that this, this is what you’ll get for all you’ve yearned for


but an illusion.

Barking dogs swoon to her fury,

they’ve got tags and a name on,

there is nothing to lose for them

except their insanity.

She can’t stare in their soulless eyes

its a constant reminder of a failing world.

Nope, nope, nope

At midnight, no wandering car or

coke can will try to roll down this road

no way!

As She walks into shadows of shadows

her paws on ground; a separation occurs.

All falls silence,

the hidden stay low.

She begins to smell the traces of tyres

of swerving cars and honking stars

Spilled soda, some sewage runs

trash can lifts and rat talk

This is how it feels to be dirt, she says

When the street awakens,

she waits.

A pulsating soul begging to leave,

she keeps it shut

Let any mongrel slips into this nest!

No bite, no growl or bell it will hear

but an invitation to the ground beneath.

Remember the cuss on the graffiti walls!

Remember the degrading falls!

Remember despite shaking lids

Remember because this is where shallow leaves.


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