I want to be on stage, it’s a place where I can be myself. A place where I can talk to you and walk with you through a story with a soundtrack. When I’m sad, the light goes purple and when I’m happy, it’s as the bright as the moment a child sees their first movie on VHS. “What is that?” this is a place where I can ask without thinking it’s a stupid question. Plants and animals talk to me; their accents come from London and America, sometimes even from Spain! If I sway, inanimate objects dance with me on a yellow brick road.

I want to be on stage and say an eternal speech that actually does change the “world”. There are crimes and there are gun shots heard but the sounds are far away because there is a hero that will make things better. Sometimes there is more than one and sometimes, heroes are seen in all of the people on this stage I’m telling you about.

It’s usually wooden but I’m sure someone always polishes and brushes it. it’s got this pretty red hair that drapes on its face. She’s got gold eyelashes with dark eyes. You can always poke fun of the fat people but this stage, it’s not ugly. It’s always open, it lets anyone in. You can talk with someone else in this stage and say words like “forever and ever”. Once you step in, you get this warm tight hug as welcoming present.

Don’t be scared, sometimes you might see others like you with wings and strings. They’re not hiding just because they have paint on their face nor is it a time for war; this is not a place to have your eyes and ears closed with the loud noise of nothing. Some of the lost ones sing to you by the way, men too! Sometimes you can wear your favorite overalls the whole day and not be dirty and other times you can change to a princess from an absolute hobo.

On a stage, I can be a villian and it’s okay; I’m allowed to have rage and passion both at the same time. I can kill someone and have the blood splattered all over my white blouse but hug the man after the show is done. If your heart is broken, you can let it break here and say it is so. You can dance under the moonlight and have the cats stare at you from the sidewalk. We have dinners with small and big families, all kinds! Yes, the show does get over but there’s another one again later tonight. Come with me? Stand with me on the stage and see an untold truth.


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