Dear Dawn



Exactly one year ago, we lost a titan.

I’m no believer of multiple lives, I think we live this one life with every good and bad thing packed in it as we go on. Lola didn’t believe in days just passing by, she was the epitome of a person well lived. A persistent force who taught her children and her grandchildren what family truly means and bound us together with a love so pure that it bashed away all the brokenness of the human spirit.

Oceans apart and never in the country I lived in, I felt your spirit flow through each one of us through the roaring waves of unbelief and the days when we would spend every phone credit we had just to greet you with three words, “Merry Christmas, Lola”. And that was how I would remember Christmas and New Year and every other celebration, a phone call to her.

The last time I saw her was the day she said her “I do” to the love of her life for fifty years. Her dress was embedded with swarovski crystals and decked from head to toe, I remember we walked her down the stairs with the first granddaughters of the Flores clan. How special and proud I felt to hold your arm as you walked towards that handsome man.

One year ago, we lost a titan. To a life well lived and woman so loved, I only hope that I could be half the woman you were, Lola. I wish I had more than a phone call to talk about what love really means so I could share the same story to everyone I know but she left it to us to figure out and tell it in our own way. In this life and in the next, I will always love you.


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