Sand Journals

I ache for those who ache alone
Gentle gusts of wind they feel
Barely a stranger that passes
Their faces can’t be unglanced
The struggle trails passed their sight
To them I lift my prayers for
Sorrows know no bounds
The bullets flung into the skies
Falling stars they shine
Oh my, the tears have dried
I’ll bail you out someday
I hope
If that is still something you’ll believe
You’ve been spread on morning bread
To be eaten to the grave
Numbers fall like your breath
Fall has begun
I’ll send you warmth
I’ll send you sun
I’m sorry I can’t send sons
As “our hearts go out to you”
Speed along the bottom screen
Can’t help but think what you would do with ours
If what we see are your last beats
This is no exchange
Not my flowers or the long looks
I can’t seem to find the right words to say “it will be okay”
but know that fingers go bead over bead
Eyes shut, hands clasped
Ache no more, please.

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