Acclaimed Hipster

This is the time of the year when the time of the month reaches to that time of the day (…took so long) that it became night –  all I want to do is sit down and look at the screen and type one very long line of nothing but this.

See how long it took me to describe “this”.

Late at night is the time I think the most; the first parts of the day, I’m simply awake and wondering.

If people could pay me for something, let it be known that I’m great for thinking or maybe wondering or both.

Highly inspired by Youtube playlists, Facebook messages, non porno Snapchats, Elitedaily articles and random tweets.

Social addict? Perhaps. The social media has psyched me to believe I’m irritant to people, most people.

So into “this” that I describe myself like the “about me” section of those whatchumacallits? Infused and overflowing of proverbial cryptic lines supported by indie song lyrics.

The crop top and high waist shorts are my go-to “OOTD”; comments say I have an unbelievable flat tummy. Cigaro? I’m too cool.

Starbucks is too basic for me; I only do underground back door events sent through Facebook invites and hearsay from some guy I know.

Wine trumps beer. End of story, bro or sis or BFF.

I like to be in the background, like the falling leaves and city lights captured at night posted on my instagram.

Expect the “Goodmorning beautiful people!” status accompanied by a Hefe filter.

#sad #deep #depth #thinking when using Inkwell and Willow

#oldies #vintage #goodtimes with Valencia

#morning #selfie on an Earlybird shot

I love my life and I love my friends, my family loves me too. I can’t live without them.

They are me and I am them.

Connected and bound together by such overwhelming feelings –

I can’t resist but post a tribute to them all.

I’m lost and I’m discovering myself.

*insert quotes from Syliva Plath, Girls TV series and John Green*

It’s almost 1am…

That moment when the laptop screen is your only light besides a scented candle lit in the room.

#life #love #yolo


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