Saved By The Bottle


He looks at Amina amidst the blinding laser lights and blasting speakers, whispering to ask if he could kiss her. Just once and just for tonight.
His eyes begged a simple one night banging, the kind that will bring back all the dead senses in him.

A fusion of an easy beer and some concoction of coconut with rum flared through his breath. He could’ve said more but his eyes conveyed a thirst to be quenched.
“Take me back home” he told himself, a silent erection he tried to hide.

She looks through her glasses and awkwardly sips her beer from a straw. Her mind wandering around the room of strangers and looks back at him,nods her head to confirm. “Alright” she says calmly, Amina hops off her seat placing herself right in front of him. Clears her throat as if it was a preparation before a big performance.

Nearing herself as they exchange breaths, taking each other in, she says with her eyes closed “love, please be real. Upon your lips, I’ve searched mountains far and oceans deep to find a love so true. I only ask you to unfool my thoughts of shaking beds and panties on the floor. Let’s exchange, take my chastity and I’ll take your desperations, perhaps then both of us will not despair.”

Opening her eyes waking herself from this lunacy, some fabricated smoke lures in the air. Amina keeps her calm, “it wasn’t real”she tells herself.

Water rings on the table, a waitress walks away clinking a handful of empty beer bottles and a swaying paper umbrella from the cocktail glass on her other hand.



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