Hey you! know that I’m done grieving for you. My rosary beads are worn out and my pillowcase is soaked of everything that could have been. You were the biggest hype in my 21 year old self’s life, now, you can just become a betamax. That way I really can’t remember you because I’ve never seen one.

You were Dark Knight

You were playwrights

You were long drives

You were my zodiac sign

You were true

You were the one

Love never felt so good then but this time around, I want a love that feels right.

If you ever read this, please don’t let yourself dwell or turn soft; it will only make you want to ask the “What ifs” and force the sorry out of you. Don’t come back, I won’t be there anymore. When you left, I stayed. And eventually, I walked away too.

Today, you’re fiction. And I, gone.


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