About Pia

I am Pia.

This blog is a place for my quiet revelations and internal banter. Filipino by blood but the Middle Eastern oil and sand runs deep in me. My dad would describe me as the kid who can sell anything in a fish market, lucky for him, the only thing there is in that market is fish and I love fish. Yes, I’m the little girl of monologues.

This is a place where I flesh out the heavy duty life challenges as I freestyle my feelings in poetry and thought pieces. I’m a firm believer that reading opens you up and writing humbles you down. We all need that kind of reminder so excuse me if I can sound dramatic and corny all at the same time.

This is a place where I would post my prayers, it’s a mental bookmark for me to keep going back to Him. The aim was that I would practice my silence but my fingers kept typing and I guess, I couldn’t stop. When you come across those kind of posts, I hope that when you read it, you pray and reflect with me even if it wasn’t at the same time. In this day and age, you don’t underestimate the power of prayer.

I don’t like sharing my food but we can table it with tea sessions and cake or street food escapades. I’d like to share my moments with you, through the normality and the fast lanes. Seven times out of ten, I sound like a fridge magnet of inspirational quotes but I promise that it’s the normality, the fleeting moments and my days of quiet trust that everything will be ok (see, I told you).


I am Pia. This is where I write. Thank you for stopping by.



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