If This Heart Can Plead

A long ode of imaginary banter from heart to stubborn self. I warned you …


Make space for me, my love

My curves, my smiles and fury

I started off with strings from every angle;

Through the years, a few notes have been played,

Broken, strung and slayed

Make space for me, my love

My punches are strong

Yet kisses are sweet

I’ve taught your lips

And tongue the moves of intimate hips

Make space for me, my love

My sides have been scratched

I won’t deny, I heal through seasons;

Last few Winters have been windy, Summer and Spring had some sun

But Fall is when I am one

Make space for me, my love

My pulses know the words before you speak

When feelings become emotions, you crumble in a million questions

I know your pain, sighs and vulnerabilities

Trust that I know your capabilities

Make space for me, my love

My apologies, as I’ve always been alone in you

I swear I can more than manage,

I’ll send you pulses for signals to warn and seek

Love, be courageous yet meek

Make space for me, my love

My! Before your bright eyes to see or

Curious hands to touch, a pulse…a beat

Dug-doog. Dug-doog

You sent your first message even before those text messages!

Make space for me, my love

My guards are high up until down below

And there I thought you’re not a fan of ironman

Bring the walls down, breathe, let go and let be

Don’t let yourself wander too far till eternity

Make space for me, my love

My feelings are immense, I know

I get too excited when you’re in Kung Fu panda mode

I’ll sit with you through the swords, silence and sensuality

I promise one day, it will be more than just a dramedy

Make space for me, my love

My words have become so cheesy

I’ve aged like dairy

Let me in, please

So I can finally serve you some hot curry

Make space for me, my love

My jokes have not changed, they’re still corny

Sprinkled with bits of truth

I know you’ve already done your list

My love, you gotta let me in …

Head and face

Arms and hands

Legs and feet

Butt and womb

Spine and stomach

I’m beating myself in frenzy

With your crazy inventory

Make space for me, my love

Through seasons to seconds

From salsa to slow dances

Question marks to commas

Zodiacs to Hail Marys

Love letters to playlists

Sheep running back to your shepherd

From genre to genre

Appetizers to take outs

Make space for me, my love

I’ve lost all my strings

And walk around with my underpants in the morning

I promise you a cuppa

I promise you it can happen again

And again

But my love, please open the door

There’s always room for more.




Hey you! know that I’m done grieving for you. My rosary beads are worn out and my pillowcase is soaked of everything that could have been. You were the biggest hype in my 21 year old self’s life, now, you can just become a betamax. That way I really can’t remember you because I’ve never seen one.

You were Dark Knight

You were playwrights

You were long drives

You were my zodiac sign

You were true

You were the one

Love never felt so good then but this time around, I want a love that feels right.

If you ever read this, please don’t let yourself dwell or turn soft; it will only make you want to ask the “What ifs” and force the sorry out of you. Don’t come back, I won’t be there anymore. When you left, I stayed. And eventually, I walked away too.

Today, you’re fiction. And I, gone.


There are but tears in my pocket, gallons that hold,

withstanding great pressure, tight in breath

my lungs fight air in cautious ways,

asking no eyes to bare sight of searing sugar on my toes.


I did not ask for good fortune as I stir my thoughts of you,

it isn’t a negotiation to live, just a few.

Licking my lips in blended nerves and lust,

no swoon or sigh can lighten my trust.


In skeptic sweats, I hear your spoon beat,

trickling down your chest, no beg nor bleed.

No word give or take,

rather boiling silence between steams.


Awaiting an ended pleasure these cooked thoughts,

matured to vivid truth in sticky pots.

savoring in wincing pain,

only but a life in separate trains.